Paint Extenguisher


Custom made 2 and 5 gallon Extinguishers that are refillable and can throw paint a max of 20 – 40 feet with suggested pressures….  for who knows what reason.  Specially made to use Compressed Air from a Bicycle Pump, no special chemicals.  Comes with bucket pump adapter for easy filling so you don’t spill it all over your car like Shepherd did in that one documentary.

Full to Empty spray time is about 50 seconds for two gallons and 1:30 for 5 gallon versions, plenty of time to do what you need to do.  Comes in black with black handle for maximum stealth.

You can not get more bang for your buck in less time than to be able to shoot paint up a building bigger than on top of an 18 wheel semi truck.

Best thing, they won’t be anywhere near the $1000 price tag some others are selling them for, that way they are affordable enough for anyone to get into the game without making one yourself.

Being tested and played with: release expected mid 2018
This is a sample of what can be done with a Paint Extinguisher close to the one we are building as done by Katsu and Moral....