Ultimate Mop

*Initial Mockup

Refillable Marker with 3 sizes of tips:  Normal, Fat, and Giant.  We manufacture our own ink with a small color pallet.  Ink is opaque and permanent and sticks permanently to wood, brick, paint, as well as stains glass.  Super thin ink for maximum drip-age.  Pen Cartridge has giant ball point for maximum use and less error for delivery along with control of ink discharge.  All metal design makes it easy to clean and long lasting.

Size of the Ink Storage area are from manageable 100ml up to a one gallon jug with a 12″ mop head.

Our Unique Buff Proof Ink Refill is an un-buffable heavy staining ink for almost any surface was designed to be permanent and soak in through multiple layers as well as show through most buff paints applied to it including the infamous Kilz Primer.


Hot Pink
Lime Green
Sun Yellow